Times of Prophecy Study Guide

Do You think you know what the Bible really says about the End-Time prophecy of the Last Days? Think again… Today’s Christian eschatology, or the study of the last days prophetic events as revealed in one third of the whole Bible is full of controversial interpretations and deceptions from so called bible scholars.

You may ask, What worldwide cataclysmic events will mark the start of the Great Tribulation? This study guide helps to answer some of those questions. The events and worldwide governmental decisions of the last 100 years of human history have inexplicably brought us to –the End Times, these final days? This study guide was inspired by a lifetime of study by Bishop Brent Endris since he was 15 years old in uncovering mankind’s ultimate destiny, It is an unprecedented comprehensive study guide of the Last Days that is supported by Bible scriptures topic by topic.

This “Times of Prophecy” book has over 40 years of research and provides a scriptural base look at and analysis of many hidden truths in bible scriptures, Old Testament and New, that foretell the final days of our present world. Whether you are a believer or a curious skeptic, this study guide will provide many revealing insight into the Biblical prophecies surrounding the Lord’s Great and Noteable Day.